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When you work with electric ukuleles, you will end up finding out that they have the ability to provide a lot of additional help with aspects such as amplification and sound clarity. The major advantage that you get from these instruments is that you can easily plug them into amplifiers and have them amplify your sound for you, as opposed to simply relying on them to produce the kind of sound that you desire.

Amongst other advantages, electric ukuleles make playing easier and more effective. To wit, look through to see a list of the best electric ukuleles that can help you get ahead of your game:

List of Top-Rated Electric Ukuleles

Product ImageProduct NameYearModelMore Information
1. Vangoa Acousticc Electric Ukulele1. Vangoa Acousticc Electric Ukulele2017UK-26MEMore Information
2. Lohanu Cutaway Electric Concert Ukulele2. Lohanu Cutaway Electric Concert Ukulele2017LU-CE-CMore Information
3. Vorson Electric Ukulele3. Vorson Electric Ukulele2013FLPUK2BKMore Information
4. Donner Solid Electro-acoustic Ukulele Electric4. Donner Solid Electro-acoustic Ukulele Electric2017DUC-4EMore Information
5. Luna Tattoo Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele5. Luna Tattoo Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele2011UKE TEC MAHMore Information

The Best Electric Ukuleles Reviews

1. Vangoa Acousticc Electric Ukulele

There is definitely a lot of reasons why this acoustic ukulele is here. It comes with every single component that you will need to begin playing, and the working mechanism is as seamless and stress-free as you can imagine.

Design and Materials

The body of this acoustic electric ukulele measures just 2 inches. It was designed fully with the mahogany material, which means that it will have no issues with providing an optimal level of resonance and amplification. You also get 4 Aquila nylgut strings, which provide a greater degree of sturdiness and tenacity.

Take all of these features and add the in-body tuning system and 3 band EQs (for bass, treble and middle), and you’ll see that you have an all-encompassing ukulele here.


  • This acoustic electric ukulele actually provides a proper learning experience for beginners.
  • The design is simple, elegant and properly minimalistic.


  • The frets of this ukulele are really sharp, and this might be a turn-off for some people.
  • The product also doesn’t do too well with the live performance. Basically, you’ll get more from the acoustic version than when you get it plugged in to an amp.

Recommended For

If you’re a beginner ukulele payer, then there is no doubt that this is a kind of ukulele that you really should be using. Also, it works for lovers of simple designs.


Does it have a sound hole?
Yes, it does
Does it have a tuner?
Yes, there is a built-in tuner with this ukulele.

2. Lohanu Cutaway Electric Concert Ukulele

This ukulele shines in more ways than one, but it makes for a perfect companion if what you value are amplification power and quality of sound. The material combination is particularly exciting, but the build and makeup will definitely stand out as well.

Design and Materials

This ukulele has its back, neck and top made of a combination of mahogany and Sapele wood. The color is something away from the normal ukulele color, which will definitely attract a lot of players. Add an awesome build and proper sound with comfort that comes with the Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and you’ll see that this is a highly versatile option.

The ukulele also has the rare arched back, which helps ensure that it is able to produce awesome sound. It also comes with nylgut strings which are highly durable and long-lasting.


  • With this product, you don’t need to worry about awesome sound
  • It’s comfortable, and perfect for players who play for long time stretches.


  • The finish isn’t perfect.
  • The strings are also quite high off the fretboard, meaning you might feel a little inconvenience while playing it.

Recommended For

This ukulele is mostly recommended for people who have live performances. Also, if you put a premium on awesome sound and amplification, then there is no doubt that this ukulele will prove to be a smart investment.


Does the ukulele have great acoustic sound?
Yes, it does
What type of battery does it take?
The ukulele requires Lithium ion batteries.

3. Vorson Electric Ukulele

This ukulele is completely different from the usual norms, when design and functionality are considered. There’s a lot of things about it that are completely different.

Design and Specifications

Considering the fact that a lot of ukuleles these days tend to favor the usual conventional design, the manufacturers off this piece decided to take things a little bit out of the norm by giving users a candlenut design, with a maple fingerboard and die cast tuners that will help ensure that it is kept in proper tuning.

The Vorson Electric Ukulele comes in the tenor size, which is a little bit different from the usual size of ukuleles that you see around. It has proper controls for volume, tone, as well as a 3-way toggle. There are also dual single coils as pickups, and you get dot markers or inlays.

One of the most amazing things about this product is the fact that it has various variants and styles. However, if you’re looking for the variant that will catch your eye the most, then you might want to check out the black variant.

The toggle has three positions. When facing the position closer to the bridge, the bridge single coil pick up is activated. When positioned in the middle, both single coils are activated. When positioned towards the neck, the neck pickup is activated.


  • The product comes with an adjustable bridge which will make it additionally easy to play.
  • The design on this product is awesome.


  • It doesn’t do well for beginners.
  • It comes with a little buzzing sound, although with some bridge work, you will definitely see an end to that.

Recommended For

This ukulele is recommended for professional ukulele players who have a flair for distinction and something completely unique.


What kind of strings come with it?
The ukulele has electric guitar style strings.
What size is the ukulele?
It is a tenor-sized ukulele.
Does it sound fine without being plugged in?
Yes, but the best results are gotten when you plug it into an amp.

4. Donner Solid Electro-acoustic Ukulele Electric

From the Donner ukulele, creative design might be lacking a bit. However, that doesn’t go any way to put its ability to get the job done in doubt.

Design and Materials

The body of this ukulele was made completely from mahogany. This build means that the ukulele will definitely be able to provide you with a proper level of sound and clarity. For comfort while playing and the ability to handle the ukulele for long periods of time, you can count on the Rosewood fretboard and bridge.

From there, feel free to check out the Donner patented chrome-plated tuners, which will boost the longevity of your preferred ukulele tune settings. There are 18 brass frets, with fret position marks at the 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th frets on the neck as well as the top of fingerboard.


  • It’s easy and comfortable to play.
  • The mahogany material is also really durable.


  • The design of the product is the same conventional style which might strike some people as boring.
  • Beginners might not do well with the product as well.

Recommended For

If you’re a veteran ukulele player and you don’t mind getting something that conforms to the normal ukulele design, then feel free to make a purchase of this one.


Does it come with the batteries?
Yes, it does.
Can it play without an amp?
Yes, it can.
How is the battery inserted?
The slot for the battery is right next to the connector for the cord.

5. Luna Tattoo Acoustic Electric Concert Ukulele

An innovative design as well as a reliable working mechanism is what this innovative piece from Luna Tattoo brings to the table.

Design and Materials

Remember the Hawaiian tattoo design that this manufacturer is famous for adopting?

Well, this ukulele definitely brings that to the table as well.

With a full mahogany body, you can rest assured that you won’t have any issues with sound on this one. The neck is set, which means it is sturdy and durable. It also has a Rosewood bridge and fingerboard which will also help ensure that you are kept comfortable as you play along.


  • It provides a comfortable feel that will have you playing for long periods of time.
  • It’s also nice for beginners.


  • It’s smaller than the usual concert ukuleles.
  • The wood used for the ukulele is thin, and you need to be careful so as not to crack it.
  • The strings will probably need to be changed.

Recommended For

This ukulele works for both beginners and professionals, as long as you can afford a new set of strings.


Is this a concert ukulele?
Yes considering its size, it is.
How should it be tuned?
It should be tuned to GCEA
Is it laminate or real wood?
The ukulele is made of real wood

Your opinions might vary, and that is completely acceptable. However, when it comes to the best electric ukuleles, there is no doubt that you will be able to get the best from these options, with certain factors considered.

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